Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What is Mission Justice? - the basic

This is not an NGO. It is a public movement for true freedom. It is based on ‘Quit India Movement’ and Non Violence. The Mission has four pillar ideas to change the society :

1. Justice – Today the situation is that the wrong doer is in command. That is, he/she knows that the victim will have to wait for years, spend huge amount to get justice and probably after years he may not get that also, or may be compromise after being frustrated. Thus Justice is not guaranteed and is an illusion and injustice is the dominant most moments. Today, Judiciary has failed common man on many counts and the resistance shown in accountability is concerning. A wrong judgment, even if prima facie faulty is met only by harsh words of higher courts, but the sufferer is the litigant. Even the Apex Court and Many of the past Chief Justices and entire system of elevation is under question as on this date. The fear is there in the eyes of common man and even genuine PIL may stop coming to Courts on account of backlash from Judiciary on even technical grounds that no notice was given to the Government.

To be honest, Justice as per preamble is the first right of sovereign citizens and duty of Government and Judiciary. It is Judiciary’s job to see that justice is done on time. The Judiciary must not wait for P.I.L. It is the Legal fraternity and Judiciary which must work and take up social causes as P.I.L. suo moto with help of legal fraternity. To do Justice is Judiciary Job and to get Justice and relief is right of every citizen. We believe that each state/Court must have a box where in P.I.L. complaints in short are put up, evaluated by legal fraternity members and genuine causes are taken up suo moto as P.I.L. The P.I.L. filing from public and cost thereof to common man must stop. To sum up – create fear of Court in minds of wrong doers. We the citizens are hear to enjoy the fruits of the process of Justice and not to turn and work on its wheels.

2. R.T.I. – Right to Information if implemented in total spirit, without classifications from Judiciary and Government, will pull down curtains on the corrupt regime. Aided by proper anti corruption laws and enforcement mechanism the government can charge over to the corruption. Thus we need to strengthen the act and its implementation to the bottom and find means to curb frivolous Applications.

3. Child Rights – The future of the Nation are children. Just imagine out of crores of children going without food, clothing and shelter and without implementation of rights, if a percentage turns terrorist or maoist, then what will happen to our children, economy and progress. We must protect the speechless or else future wont pardon us.

4. Atma manthan – This means that we must decide to be active and must participate in all process. When we see wrong we must spare time to complain, we must vote, we must evaluate ourselves and at the same time must decide that we will not be a cause of pain to others. That is an example is that if I drive a car I must be careful not to cause any pain to the walkers. I must take care that no action or inaction on my part causes pain/hurt/grievance to others. A citizen must decide to give 4 hours of productive work to the nation and humanity. It may be the smallest initiative like watering the plants on common roads etc. But these 4 hours of selfless service to Nation and society will make a lot of difference.

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