Friday, December 25, 2009


I have already circulated you all a draft of submissions on how powerful an individual is in this country. I have shown where Justice stands and how the implementation of Justice will automatically bring everything in line. I have already requested for satyagrah like Gandhiji did. I am just trying to put accross one thing, that is, we must have Justice system in place and Justice must never be delayed or denied.

If this is implemented, I am sure most of the NGO's will have succeeded in their mission. All the movements evolve around just this sole concept. If injustice is removed, the mission is complete. I had also requested that the movement be lead by and all the great leaders of various movements. I think Mr. Goel had also sent emails to all with same intention. Let us unite and do something worthwhile... This will not be a NGO but our united mission .. our unite aim .. our united demand..

We all are aware of Ayushi case, Nitish Katra case and now Ruchika case. We know Justice Dinkaran and all the great Judicial members. I can assure you one thing that if Injustice is not removed, the Judicial system is not cleaned, then eaither we will have our daughters/sons suiciding like Ruchika, or murdered like Nitish. May be some victims may forget civilisation and be maoist. May be our family may be victim of cross firing between the maoist and the police.... I hope you all are not waiting for that to happen...

I ask myself what if I was the father of Ruchika, what would I expect from the people at large. The same expectaion he must be having from us and we need to rise to it.

26/11, there was a attack on Mumbai. All the NGO and society as a whole came on the street and protested. The result was good with CM gone. But we made our fire die down. Today again the blood is boiling and we again need to unite and stage a protest, like we did after 26/11, but this time not only Mumbai, but the nation should do it. From 22.1.2010, we must all do non - violaent, peaceful satyagrah and hunger strike to bring the entire government and Judiciary to think about our "RIGHT TO JUSTICE".

I must tell you that you are not a servant or a begger, but a sovereign, which means a king. But today these instances prove that you are a slave of the injustice system and you keep running door to door, at the instanvce of unjust, with mouth tight shut and hands folded. Would you like your children to live even worse than this or want to have a good society for your children.

By this fight, you are not fighting for others, but for your family and friends, which also otherwise you do, but in slavery and with heads down and hands folded.

Please think about it. If many agree then we can have a meeting on 3.1.2010 at a suitable place. Those outside Mumbai may organise at the local level. Then we can decide our agenda and take further action.

Please circulate it to as many as you can immediately. Use orkut, facebook, twitter or anything but be clear and fast inaction.

Those who want to be part of this mission may add themselves on the blog and put their comments.


                                              PREAMBLE OF INDIA

WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and to secure to all its citizens:

JUSTICE, social, economic and political;

LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship;

EQUALITY of status and of opportunity;

and to promote among them all

FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation;


Purpose of Having a Preamble:
The Preamble to our Constitution serves two purposes: -
A) It indicates the source from which the Constitution derives its authority;
B) It also states the objects, which the Constitution seeks to establish and promote.

The Preamble seeks to establish what Mahatma Gandhi described as The India of my Dreams, "…an India in which the poorest shall feel that it is their country in whose making they have an effective voice; …an India in which all communities shall live in perfect harmony. There can be no room in such an India for the curse of untouchability or the curse of Intoxicating drinks and drugs. Woman will enjoy as the same rights as man."

The Keynote of the Preamble was to emphasize the positive aspect, “the unity of the Nation”, as much as the “dignity of the individual”. “Dignity” was a work of moral and spiritual import: it implied an obligation on the part of the Union to respect the personality of the citizen and to create condition in which every citizen would be a sovereign in himself and will cherish and fulfill his desire of self-fulfillments and self-satisfaction

It must be noted that the Supreme Court may have power to strike down a legislation as unconstitutional, but still it derives its powers from the Constitution. If one reads the source of the Constitution, it starts with a declaration “WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India in a Sovereign…..”. Thus, it is not the Court, the CJI, the PM, the President who has declared the Constitution, but it is we, the sovereign citizens, the people of this Nation, who in exercise of their powers, have declared this nation as a Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic, Republic. All others including the CJI, PM, CM, MP, MLA, PRESIDENT are under this constitution and not over it. It is we, who have ourselves decided to subject our own selves to the Judiciary and law. This does not mean that we have empowered any one to be a Constitutional Authority, and those who claim so, are living in the world of illusions, and must be shown the mirror of truth. Truth is painful and bitter for one or a handful, but gives peace of mind to all, as we feel save under the umbrella of truth and are sure that our dignity and life will not be snatched.

We have put Justice before liberty and equality. This is because the drafters were well conscious that unless there is Justice, liberty is meaningless and would not survive for truth but will be a weapon of destruction. They were sure that once Justice and liberty is there, equality will blossom automatically, as Justice is the seed, Liberty is the tree and equality is the flower of the tree. Naturally, last but not least fraternity is the sweet and cherished fruit of this tree.

This is to remind you all and myself that we have forgotten who we are. We have forgotten the best gift we got at the time of independence and have started living the life of slaves of our own “PUBLIC SERVANTS”. This is to remind you that you were born free, born independent, born with right of Justice first followed by liberty, equality and Fraternity.

Please rise tomorrow and remind your self of this preamble and remind your mind and soul that you are the person who controls everything, you are a sovereign citizen, and have a right to Justice and no one can stop you. If the person claims to be too powerful, then go back to the preamble and read the message to him and yourself also, “WE THE PEOPLE........”, calling us to unite and fight, and enjoy the services of our “RESPECTED AND HONOURED PUBLIC SERVANTS” and not be subjected to them.


Prepared by SIDDHARTH MURARKA advocate High court
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