Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Strategy for MISSION JUSTICE signature campaign a must

We wish that all NGO, Celebrities, People of social importance come on street and get signature campaign endorsing immediate implementation of child rights

We look upon the media for great help. If media covers the entire Convention Articles and inform the people about it and how it will affect the Nation then things will start moving. We look upon each society, MP, MLA taking up the job and doing door to door survey and on streets.

We call upon media channels to puts up a help desk. wherein if a common man finds any child right violation as per the articles, then the person can call up the help desk and media will cover that story of that child. If for instance I see a chottu doing child labour next door and I call up the help desk and the media covers the story, then it will be shameful for the right violator. We don’t seek any punishment for the violator, but the nearby people must send roses to the violator saying “GET WELL SOON FROM YOUR ILLNESS OF VIOLATOR”. Others who are also in the same position will be ashamed and will stop violation on their own. That the idealist way of getting things done without force.

This is unique campaign and We wish that Film and sports star also work in from CHILDREN'S DAY to 30.11.2010 and start helping this cause. 15 Days of pain will give smiles to millions of children.

We look forward to the students, Youth, Retired People, film Industry, TV Industry, NGO World, Activist, Media and the common man to extend support for this movement which will start on the 1st Navratra after the morning Aarti and end at Vijaydashmi. The balance schedule will be released soon on the blog.

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