Monday, February 8, 2010


Vande Matram

President Jimmy Carter said in 1978 at the Law Day proclamation "The Law is not the private property of lawyers, not is justice the exclusive province of judges and juries. In the final analysis, true justice is not a matter of Courts and law books, but a commitment in each of us to liberty and to mutual respect".

Unfortunately, today, neither the lawyers nor the Government nor the Judiciary has the guts to commit liberty and Justice to all. The Judiciary and the Government is involved either in blame games or in conducting seminars, conferences and commissions to look into the aspects of Justice dilevery system but with no implementation of earlier resolutions, which has been made at conventions and seminars at the expences of tax payers monies. The Government has gone to the international community to sign treaties of upholding rights with intention of not to implement it and just show implementation of the same on paper. The expences on Judiciary, police and on various bodies eats up most rather almost all of the tax payments and the resources are not even 20% provided to common man. Important matters like MPID case and constitutional validity of assignment of debt are in cold storages and big brother fights like Reliance are heard with full patience. The common mans patience is running out and the example of the same is todays attack on Rathod by a youth and this is just a sign of things to come in the future. We must also remember that with time the judicial system has decade and parallelly naxalites and crimes have increased almost proportionately.  The only courage the Judicary and government has is to accept that Judiciary and Judicial system have failed the people. Infact there was some ray of hope through RTI but with the kind blessings of his Lordship the shenshah of Judiciary Mr. CJI, that ray of hope is dwindelling. The room to know truth about Madras Court Judge or Mr. Dinakaran or Nirmala Yadav seems to have faded.

A weak Judiciary is the strength of a powerful government. This is what this Government has done and by not being firm on corruption in judiciary issues hints are that there is a shakehand which is being offered by the Government to the Judiciary. Thankfully, we have Judges like A.P. SHAH, SHYLENDRA KUMAR AND BHATT, but have lost Justice Bilal Nazki( retired). Patience is running out and history has proved that when people loose hope in government and Justice, Civil wars are fought on each corner and lane of the country....

MISSION JUSTICE calls all the brave men and women, who can sacrifice their lives to fight for justice. By this we may be able to save the civil war knocking at our doors.... We may have a mountainous task on taking on the powerful government ( with weak opposition) and powerful corrupt people who will not like us to be there. We will put up a faceless fight... A fight where if you arrest one, 10 will be there to court arrest..... time has come that we do not let money be wasted on committees and commision, but first force and compel implementation of each and every good resolution passed earlier and who ever has violated the resolution, however powerful or big he may be must step down, or must face the masses who will protest and will not givein but all this with Ahimsa and satyagrah....

Revolt from heart, without arms and prove that truth must prevail and show the world that we are real soveriegns.....

Jai Hind

Siddharth Murarka

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  1. Bhai,

    The prob is that, its a tornado out there. You fight for one cause... the fight itself leads to injustice in one sense or other. And the unanswered question remains, wheres the root of impartial justice?