Saturday, January 2, 2010

What is Mission Justice all about


1. To initiate a process whereby the work of all NGO is synergised and become more result oriented. This is to try and aviod overlaping of work by NGO in the same cause. This will save time and help enhance performance.

2. To chalk out stratergy for fight to achieve a clean and pure Judicial process and system. This will reduce the burden on all NGOs as the hurdles in justice will be removed.

3. To chalk out ways to see that not a single child is deprived of its right, even if it means going against the establishment.

3. To ensure that we have a comprehensive law ( not scattered) with no gender/caste/ religion or even post/chair biasedness.

4. To ensure that the devil "CORRUPTION" is reduced and killed.

5. To ensure that the rights guranateed becomes the responsibility of the state and the judiciary and the common man is not burdened with the work of planning and doing governance.

6. To chalk out action plan where by all NGOs can utilize the facilities, expertise of aother NGOs and achieve social objective with ease.

7. To take up all major issues on a single platform and try to put in joint effort with pooled resources, so as to get better and faster outcome.

8. To chalk out frame work of constituting legal panel for all legal measures initiated by the NGOs. The Advocates/Law students from across the nation can join and pool their best resources at affordable prices.

9. To plan satyagrah or any other methods to presurise the government and/or Justice system so that people get Justice speedily and there is accountability and transperancy in all law enforcement and administrative agencies and systems.

10. To train people and make them aware of basic law, so that they are not at the mercy of lawyers and Advocates for small things.

We propose that MISSION JUSTICE must remain a motive of all NGOs and should not be converted into yet another NGO. All the problems in society are caused because of injustice , which has to be irradicated by joint effort of the masses at large. This will be a pooled effort of all NGOs.

We propose that if possible, we will setup a legal aid cell, so as to help members address their difficulties in court of law. The service will be free or at reasonable rates, which will be decided and circulated between all the NGOs who inturn can circulate it to their own members.

We propose that if possible whatever facilities can be created by all resources for the benifit of the masses, the same shall be considered.

We propose that the meeting will be held once a month for MISSION JUSTICE  for all its chapters accross the Nation and the minutes be send to head office at Mumbai. All representations to Governments will be made jointly and severally, with each NGO being made party to the same.

We invite all NGO's, People with desire to contribute to the society, the youth including college students and law students to join the movement. This movement is for the people and by the people and not by any special person or NGO.

Please send us the following details for membership
1. Name, address and Phone No. ( If NGO the name of the contact person(s))
2. The manner in which you can help in growth of the Nation
3. Your strenght and No. of members in the group. ( for instance some have man power, some have money, some have contacts).
4. Place and State
5. Consent to work 4 hours a week for the Nation
We will be happy that people form a committee in their own cities on this line and be affiliated to us. The more the mass movement the better and faster is the result.

We repeat the "QUIT INDIA MOVEMENT" which is a faceless but agenda oriented fight.

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