Sunday, February 19, 2012


Very recently there was a huge controversy over the muslim quota promised by Congress. The controversy started when the Union Law Minister Salmaan Khurshid violated the election code of conduct by promising 9% quota for muslims. The Election Commission, which had powers to file a FIR against the union Law Minister, made a complaint to the President, who inturn passed it on to the Prime Minister and the matter was burried. Let us not forget that the Prime Minister has been a spectator with full knowledge in most scams right from 2G to CWG to even elevation of Mr. Thomas as chief of Anti Corruption watch dog CVC. Hence, its natural that he will not act. President Pratibha Patil's son and Congress MLA Raosaheb Shekhawat has been issued notice by the district collector in connection with the seizure of Rs 1 crore unaccounted cash from Amravati, where civic polls are under way. Thus expecting Justice from Government is doing injustice to the very term JUSTICE.

Then there after even Union Minister for steel Mr. Beni Prasad Verma openly challange the EC on it and went ahead promising quota to muslims and and openly challanging the EC in presence of Digvijay Singh and Salman Khurshid. Thus, they were all part of this open violation of EC Rules.

The Congress has been in power since decades except for short period. They do nothing but make scams and make life miserable and when its election time the owls are out. Theu make promises through Law minister on quota and then through CM of Maharashtra on making Mumbai a dream city. They have no intention, but like Britishers are involved in divide and rule and give dreams to common man. The National Party even gives advertisement in newspaper on the day of Elections in Mumbai violating code of conduct. The newspapers who get regular advertisements can also feel the pressure of not writing against a party. Thus election rules are only for the citizens candidates and their supporters and these self styled uncrowned kings have no rules to follow and no ethics. The violation made one thing clear that Congress is a ethic-less party and rules are for common man to be flouted by the Government openly.

I have great deal of grudge against the Election Commission for not taking strong action in Mumbai and UP and a small one against judiciary which has been given special inherit powers so that they can act in the interest of Justice, when the Powerful themselves violate law. I feel an urgent need that the Chief Justice of the respective High Court must  suo moto act on this issue and people must not hesitate in recording request by letters to the Chief Justices. More letters means more pressure to act. If not these devils will become more fearless and more arrogant. The Judiciary must dare to remove these ministers and warn the Congress party that Power does not mean that they have become unaccountable and if the Judiciary does it I will say it has made the democracy more powerful and accountable and if it fails then I will say its collapse of democracy and its pillars.

I have a few things to put up to the common man :
1. If political parties flout the Election rules and are not accounted for then why have rules and why not have a clause exempting the ruling party from compliance?
2. Is Election Commission just a dummy of ruling Party?
3. If the Prime Minister and President don't cat against the complaints then are the not guilty of sheltering the wrong doers?
4. Is there no need to file FIR against the violators of code of Conduct and also EC/Prime Minister/ President for being silent?
5. Are we going to wait for couple of years for getting this issue raise and is the educated class becoming mentally slave of democracy murderers?

This and many more. I can just say one thing; that time has come that we activist rise from each corner of the nation and take up issues. Thus if 100 activist focus on this issue I am sure things will change. If Subramaniam Swamy can take on 2G, Some one can dare on Thomas, then why not we take up these issues. Infact MISSION JUSTICE is willing to act as a platform for activist to unite and plan and divide work within themselves and systematically irradiate the wrongs and give the Nation a better future in years to come...


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  1. Let us file RTI to EC, President and PM on the course of action takne by then on these violations and complaints.